Why Did We Develop This Course

Customer service is providing services to your customers before, during and after purchasing your products or services. Good customer service is what all businesses aim for in order to meet the customers’ needs. In this simple course, we will take you through a step by step process of how to design a customer service plan to help you create loyal ambassadors for your business.
Through the program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos to help you build an exceptional customer service team that can tackle almost anything. This playlist is supported by a set of resources that are available to subscribed participants.

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Who it it for?

Every organisation is advised to establish a customer service plan for employees to follow. All successful organisations use a customer plan as it is the key path to a growing fulfilled business.

What you will learn

For subscribed members, after the completion of the course, you will be guided through a step by step process to develop a personalized customer service template, tools and a certificate. Users can watch the videos for free without a subscription.

Course Subject Areas

Customer Service
Customer Service
Module 1 Customer Service
Customer Service a course for potential
Unit 1 Customer Service PreTest
Unit 2 4 reasons Why You Should Have a Customer Service Plan
Unit 3 8 Qualities of Exceptional Customer Service teams
Unit 4 Five steps Building a Culture of Great Customer Service
Unit 5 8 Efficient Ways Managing Customer Complaints
Unit 6 4 Things to do to handle an Unexpected Customer Complaint to Perfection
Unit 7 5 Things You Need In Place to Ensure That You Have Achieved Customer Excellence
Unit 8 Customer Service PostTest

Our Course Methodology

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