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Why Did We Develop This Course

The SME Program is a free initiative supporting SMEs to be able to successfully compete, innovate and expand internationally and that is through: Organizational and operational development and Exposure to new funding methods.
This program contains: Interactive webinars and workshops revolve around Business Evolution and Information and Communication Technology, Training Content for Next Generation Business Development, Subject Matter Expertise in developing and evolving businesses, Simple playlist of videos that provide practical tips on essential business skills for aspiring professionals and Set of resources that is available to all the entrepreneurs

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Who is it for?

Any entrepreneur that is starting up or managing a small and medium business including: Business Owners, General Managers, Entrepreneurs & CEOs

What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will get a well rounded update on the various business topics that are most important for your business including templates, tools and an Acknowledgment of Completion.

Course Subject Areas

Expand your Business
The 24minSME is a Free Blended Learning Business Skills Development Program
Module 1 SMEEP  
Unit 1 Expand your Business Pretest
Unit 2 Setting UP a Strategy
Unit 3 Innovation Process
Unit 4 Essential Leadership Skills
Unit 5 Tips for Building the Right Team
Unit 6 Steps to Launch Any Marketing Campaign
Unit 7 2 Essential Sales Skills that Everyone Should Learn
Unit 8 Emotional Intelligence - The Daniel Goleman Model
Unit 9 5 Important Legal Documents to Have in Any Organization
Unit 10 Important Financial Statements
Unit 11 Successful Project Implementation
Unit 12 3 Things you Should Know About your ICT Environment
Unit 13 4 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Talking to Funders
Unit 14 Expand your Business Posttest

Our Course Methodology

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