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Why Did We Develop This Course

Utilizing all of the available online research tools can prove to be essential in your search for relevant knowledge. Understanding and implementing all of the available tools to identify and acquire the right knowledge is difficult without certain techniques.
Through the program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that will lead you through different strategies that can help you to find the relevant information that you require.

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Who is it for?

Anyone looking to improve their online research skills. It is an important tool for finding appropriate information.

What you will learn

After the completion of the course, you will be guided through various google search techniques and advanced memorization techniques.

Course Subject Areas

Internet Research
Internet Research
Module 1 Internet Research  
Internet Research a potential course
Unit 1 Internet Research PreTest
Unit 2 3 different search engine options
Unit 3 2 ways to use video websites as research tools
Unit 4 4 Criteria to Identify Meaningful Research
Unit 5 2 Reasons to Utilize Online Forums
Unit 6 4 Sources of Free Online Courseware
Unit 7 3 Different Approaches to Avoid Plagiarism and Copyright Issues
Unit 8 5 Google Search Tools That You Can Utilize in Your Online Research
Unit 9 3 Techniques to Memorize Any New Information That You Research
Unit 10 Internet Research PostTest

Our Course Methodology

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