Why Did We Develop This Course

Cash is king! Cash is the lifeline of any businesses without which the business will fail. Given that most businesses which startup actually fail predominantly due to the shortage of cash, this becomes an essential topic for business people to master.
Through the course we aim to provide a simple yet effective set of modules that include practical tips on how to better manage your cash flow and maintain a healthy business. The modules are supported by templates, some exercises and the ability to ask any question that you have to one of our experts.

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Who it it for?

All professionals that have a role to maintain a healthy financial position of their companies including: business managers, entrepreneurs, finance managers and product managers.

What you will learn

For subscribed members, after the completion of the course, you will be guided by practical tips, useful templates, the ability to ask an expert a question and can earn a certificate after the successful completion. Users can watch the videos for free without a subscription.

Course Subject Areas

Managing your Cash Flow
Keep your business healthy through better cash management
Module 1 Managing your Cash Flow
Keep your business healthy through better cash management
Unit 1 Managing your Cash Flow Pretest
Unit 2 5 Tips for Getting Paid Quickly
Unit 3 5 Steps for Managing your Cash Flow
Unit 4 5 Ways in which Business Cards Offer Better Advantages than Checks
Unit 5 7 Reasons Why you should Prepare a Cash Flow Projections
Unit 6 3 Essential Sections of a Cash Flow Statement
Unit 7 Managing your Cash Flow - Certificate

Our Course Methodology

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