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Why Did We Develop This Course

To maintain a healthy mind, you must maintain a healthy body; in order to that, you must eat healthy and exercise. An unhealthy body not only causes sickness but also decreases your effectiveness in the workplace.
Through this course, we will take you step by step to show you your real potential by providing you with nutrition tips that can improve your lifestyle.

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Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking forward to live better and improve their achievements whether at school, academy, university, or at their workplace.

What you will learn

Through the program, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that will guide you through a systematic process to help you develop a new way of doing things better wherever you are.

Course Subject Areas

Nutrition Tips
Nutrition Tips, A Guide for a Healthy Life
Module 1 Ramadan Nutrition Tips  
The Ramadan Nutrition Tips, A Guide for a Healthy Fasting
Unit 1 Nutrition Tips Pretest
Unit 2 4 Things that is Good for your Suhoor Meal
Unit 3 4 Foods that you Should Avoid During Suhoor
Unit 4 General Tips for Better Fasting Throughout the Day
Unit 5 Tips When Breaking Fast
Unit 6 Nutrition Tips Posttest

Our Course Methodology

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