Potential Badges

The more you explore our Courses, the more you’ll earn points to unlock badges and collect rewards.

Full Badges List:

Number of Points Reward
0 - 20
20 + Unlocks “Ask the Expert” Feature
30 + Unlocks “5% discount in marketplace”
50 + Unlocks “10% discount in marketplace”
100 + Unlocks “Free Coaching Session”

How to Earn Points:

Number of points How to get
1 point For each Unit completion
2 points For submitting course feedback
5 points For passing the final quiz
5 points For every new course enrolment.
10 points For updating user dashboard
10 points For generating a template
15 points For sharing each course on social media
20 points For every 3 complete referrals
30 points For upgrading your subscription plan